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We are proud representatives of the beloved book "Coquito" in the United States. Our mission is to maintain, foster, and nurture the love for the Spanish language in children.
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Coqui Oro Integrado
Pack Fábulas de Esopo
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Pack books 5-6
Pack Aprendiendo Matemática
Pack Vamos a Dibujar-01

History of Coquito

Everardo Zapata-Santillana (Author) is responsible for giving life to "Coquito". His first challenge was to create a school in the district of Punta de Bombón, Arequipa Peru in 1946. 

Whole Word Method

Coquito is a book based on the Whole Word Method, which is aimed at learning initial reading in a simple, gradual, inclusive, effective and meaningful way. 

Words of the Author

Coquito is an agile, entertaining, interesting and systematized reading-writing book. Its organization has been the product of multiple and varied experiences, substantial linguistic studies, communicative exchanges with specialists and teaching professionalism.


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