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Words of the Author

Coquito is an agile, entertaining, interesting and systematized reading-writing book. Its organization has been the product of multiple and varied experiences, substantial linguistic studies, communicative exchanges with specialists and teaching professionalism.

Alphabetizing children is a complex task when the necessary tools are lacking; it's simple and noble when one has the elements capable of solidifying the learning of reading and writing, making it engaging, secure, and effective.

The "Coquito" book contributes to the process of initial reading teaching and learning: a novel sequence and systematization of lessons based on syllable structure; the Whole Word Method; the teaching-learning process of each reading with its corresponding steps; the paratexts referring to its layout and presentation; the type of vocabulary chosen, both in the Integrated Sets and in the readings; the Reinforcement Sheets and Evaluation Sheets, and the Final Readings that summarize previous learning.

It's well known that learning to write is a complex process; children require multiple elements to write correctly. It involves not only psychomotor aspects but also contextual, familial, emotional, and intellectual factors. Therefore, in the suggested curriculum in "Coquito," we progress from the simple to the complex. Additionally, playful aspects like pictograms are included; complementation and continuous, sustained writing practices that strengthen the stroke of the body of letters and their upper and lower limits.

"Coquito" proposes the parallel learning of reading and writing; as the child learns to read, they are instructed in its graphic representation that summarizes previous learning.

This process has yielded results in millions of Hispanic-American children, as the correlation between reading and writing, as presented by "Coquito," has contributed to increasing the number of children capable of reading and writing correctly, expressing ideas, feelings, and desires.

I am confident that, with the "Coquito" book, each teacher and parent, in the end, will feel happy to have contributed to literacy and the development of communicative competencies; likewise, to have sparked an interest in reading and writing, essential foundations for continuing the educational process.

The author appreciates the trust placed in him and in the "Coquito" book. The generous contribution of many teachers, the constant innovation of the book in its content and form, continuous linguistic consultation, the book's presence over many decades, its acceptance in the majority of Hispanic-American countries, and the familiarity of its use in many homes and schools have been the constant driving forces for its ongoing improvement.

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A child who reads and understands what he reads is a treasure.

Everardo Zapata Santillana

+51 54 281261

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